The Other Side Of Me

Here, you will find different creative projects which I have been working on as part of my hobbies. Working on creative projects like this, with a flavor of art in it, is what keeps me moving on!

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in having any of these works. Based on the availability, I can provide you with more information and even the possibility of a customized version of them. I will be even happier to design something based on your need and for you only!

  • Handicrafts

  • Drawings

    Drawings by pencil or pen on paper. In some cases, scanned and digitized in computer.
  • Paintings

    Acrylic paintings on canvas.
  • Wires

    Sculptures made of steel/iron wires.
  • Lightings

    Lighting installations.
  • Plants

    Ideas for hydroponic plants.
  • Contact

  • Feel free to write to me!